WTVM News Leader 9:

Georgia Senate Bill 81 to increase state legislators pay

Ridgecrest Elementary School in Phenix City receives $20K grant for visual arts and music

Tenants at Southside Apartments in Columbus must move mail to P.O. Box, alternate address

Eye stabbings at Muscogee County Jail potentially gang related

Central High School in Phenix City raises money for state championship rings

House Bill 7 could eliminate state income tax for retired Georgia veterans

Suspect in Chambers Co. 1985 capital murder to be extradited following Puerto Rico arrest


New Alachua County Fire Rescue Station Near Hague Receives Funding In 2018-19 Budget

Construction Begins On New Institute of Black Culture And La Casita Houses

How To See If Your Property Is Within FEMA’s New Proposed Flood Zones

Former Alabama Football Player Shares Opioid Recovery During National Recovery Month

Class projects:

Miss Florida Citrus

Here is a feature story I did on a student at UF that won Miss Florida Citrus and is headed to Miss Florida. The pictures included are not my own, they are attributed to the photographers.

Interview with Dr. Yu Hao Lee

Dr. Yu Hao Lee is a professor in the Department of Telecommunications at the University of Florida. Find out more about his research and his life from my interview with him.

The Odyssey Online:

No, I’m Not Chasing Money, I’m Chasing My Passion

But that doesn’t mean I’ll chase it any less.

Graduating Early Doesn’t Mean Missing Out, It Means You’re Ready To Start Your Life

Graduating in less than four years doesn’t mean you’re missing out on any part of a college experience.

Minimum Wage Jobs Can Teach You Some Unexpected Things

There’s a few different kinds of people you meet in the service industry.

The 4 Stages of Readjusting to Life Away from College

My first published piece! I had so much fun writing about the stages each college student goes through as they return home for summer.

Don’t Tell Me You’re A Dog Lover If You Didn’t Adopt

I have had rescue pups all of my life. I love dogs, all breeds and all ages. Please really consider adopting a dog from a local shelter instead of buying from breeders!

30 Bible Verses to Guide You Through Your Struggles

Are you feeling down? Do you need something to help cheer you up or show you that you will overcome whatever obstacle you are facing? Check out these Bible verses.

To All Of My Ex-Best Friends, Thank You.

Best friends are truly a treasure. I’m so thankful for my friendships, current and past, for leading me to my forever friend.

Why My Pinterest Board Describes Me

Every profile is different, but we all share similar ideas. Pinterest is one of my favorite social media sites.

An Open Letter to the Teachers I Will Never Forget

Thank you for everything you do on a daily basis. I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful teachers in my life.

I wonder what you would think if you were still here

You were so close to me. Losing you taught me so much more than I ever thought it would.

5 of the Most Common Fears People Face in their Lifetime

What are you afraid of?

7 Classic Stages of Missing Your College BFF Over Summer

This is what happens when your friendship goes long distance over the summer.

Life Advice as Told by HBC Steve Spurrier

15 things you can learn by reading Steve Spurrier’s biography.

5 Resources Every New UF Student Should Take Advantage Of

UF offers so many resources that students don’t take full advantage of.

40 Thoughts UF Students Can’t Help But Have During Syllabus Week

Syllabus week is full of surprises. It’s a time of happiness and confusion for all students.

Mental Health Isn’t Easy In College

Mental health is an issue many people around the world deal with. It’s important to be aware of the statistics and the ways to help yourself or your loved ones.

What It’s Like Having A Military Man As Your Best Friend

To all of the military men and women reading this, thank you so much for your time and dedication to serving our great country. We are the home of the free because of the brave.


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