About Me

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to finally start something that I have been wanting to do for so long… which is blogging! Before I start I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to you all. I am Sam, a second-year Telecommunications-News student at the University of Florida minoring in Leadership. Originally from Brandon, Florida, I moved to Gainesville, Florida about a year and a half ago to start my journey here at UF. I love it here and more importantly I love Gator Football. I am an avid pet and sport lover. I also love music.

For this blog I plan on writing about a variety of topics ranging from sports to animals and much more. You will also be seeing some of my class assignments. If there is anything in particular you’d like to see written about, leave me a comment and I’ll look into it.

Can’t wait to share my perspectives and stories with you all!